We are changing the world of trade
We want to present you our new product: MCode it is a special generated QR code that printed on product label. Where and how it can help your business?


  • Automated document management Protect the environment and simplify business processes - reduce the number of paper documents and electronic copies because each code contains all the necessary data and documents.
  • Counterfeit protection. MCode solves one of the most painful, oldest, most expensive and most annoying problems for manufacturers - counterfeit protection. Protection is generated using modern crypto-algorithms, so no one in the world will be able to generate the same code, and we guarantee that this product came out of your production. Since this is just a printed code on the label, the cost is one of the lowest on the market.
  • All necessary data. We collect the maximum possible product information down to the details of disposal. Therefore, we have the most detailed information about the product.
  • Product localization. Product information can be translated into any language and localized for any country.
  • Automation. MCode can provide information both in a human-friendly and a machine-readable form.


  • All necessary data. Since MCode contains all product data, the logistics company receives the gross weight and transport dimensions of the product and packaging.
  • Automation. To schedule shipments, you will only need to deliver MCode packages, pallets, or containers to our logistics company with our MCode. The logistics company, having received these codes, will automatically receive MCode of all goods which are in packings, pallets or containers and, accordingly, will receive all mass-dimensional data on cargo. Thus, it is not necessary to provide additional cargo data.


  • All the necessary data. MCode solves the main problem of all trade - fuzzy, erroneous and incomplete product name, which often leads to resorting, duplication and incorrect prices of goods in the databases of sellers. With our codes, we guarantee that the same item of goods will be identified clearly, without errors, with the full name provided by the manufacturer and localized in the language of the country in which the product is sold. Since MCode is unique to each item of goods, the retailer has a very powerful tool for planning, managing and reporting.
  • Automation. With complete product data, you can easily automate sales, audits, and orders. Quickly and cheaply install self-service cash registers, anti-theft systems, etc.


  • Counterfeit protection. MCode solves the buyer's most annoying and long-standing problem - counterfeit protection. Usually, many different markings are now applied to the product, which indicate that the product is original. But as we know, everything is fake except MCode. By scanning the code with any phone, you can make sure that the product is original.
  • All necessary data. Many customers want to know more about the product. For example, do these foods conform to their diets, preferences, or religious beliefs? Are these clothes ecological and natural? And many other similar questions. MCode contains the answers to all these questions.
  • Product localization. Very often the product is exported / imported with a minimum translation required by the law of the importing country. But every buyer wants to know as much as possible about the product. The situation is even worse for emigrants and travelers, because being in a foreign language, the inscriptions on the goods are mostly in the language of the country where they are sold. MCodes contain localization in many languages. After scanning the MCode, the buyer will receive a translation into the language he is familiar with.


  • All necessary data. The MCode contains detailed information about the components and individual components of the product, as well as processing details. This way, you will know how to dispose of and recycle used or damaged goods and their parts.
  • Automation. With MCode, you can automate the sorting, recycling, and recycling of used, used, or damaged goods, as the codes contain detailed information about the components of the goods.
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